Tuesday 20 March 2018 is the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968, it is also World Social Work day.

To mark the anniversary Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s Improvement Hub (ihub) is running a social media campaign highlighting the recent contributions programmes within the ihub have made to social care in Scotland. To complement the social media campaign you can also read a blog written by Des McCart, the ihub’s Senior Programme Manager for Outcome Based Commissioning who highlights the common ground between health and social care.

“Though the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968, was signed 50 years ago today, the principles the act was founded on are fundamentally still the same now, although re-imagined through eyes new and old.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s ihub is part of this re-imagining of health and social care provision and we are happy to highlight some of our work as part of 50yrs of the Social Work Scotland Act.”

Des McCart, ihub Senior Programme Manager for Outcome Based Commissioning

The ihub was created two years ago with the aim of ‘Better quality health and social care for everyone in Scotland’. To meet this aim the ihub supports health and social care organisations to redesign and continuously improve services.

A list of all ihub programmes can be found on the A-Z on the home page.

Many of the ihub’s programmes of work are working directly with colleagues across social care in Scotland, including:

  • Anticipatory Care Planning
  • Place Home and Housing
  • Frailty at the Front Door
  • Focus on Dementia
  • Living Well in Communities – Frailty and Falls, Intermediate Care and re-enablement, Palliative and End of Life care, Neighbourhood Care
  • Reducing Pressure Ulcers in Care Homes

All of these programmes are delivered in partnership with health and social care partnerships, third and independent sector organisations as well as NHS Boards.

To take part in the social media campaign to mark the 50 years of social work in Scotland please retweet our messages or post your own using the following hashtag: #WSWD18