Using quality improvement (QI) to improve planned care pathways

The Access QI programme is a collaboration between Healthcare Improvement Scotland, NHS Education for Scotland and participating NHS boards. We work together to enable the application of QI to sustainably and affordably improve waiting times.

Try the new planned care pathways toolkit
In collaboration with our partners from phase one of Access QI, we developed a toolkit to support planned care services to improve pathways, balance their demand and capacity and reduce waiting times. Open the 'Improving planned care pathways toolkit'.

Join our next phase
We are now starting phase two of the Access QI programme and would like to invite 25 planned care services to join.

Access training and support
Planned care services that join Access QI will gain access to:

  • a QI toolkit tailored for improving access
  • a seven-module training course to develop the skills to use the Access QI toolkit
  • project workshops to support the delivery of a QI project to improve waiting times in parallel to the training course
  • peer to peer learning from services in other NHS boards, and
  • support to write up and share their improvement project, for example, in a case study supported with data.

Find out more and apply.