Why safety matters to you?

17 September 2019 is the World Health Organisation's first ever 'World Patient Safety Day' and our Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP) is adding Scotland's voice to this international awareness campaign.

To promote the day, we are asking people who deliver care to join in by answering the question 'Why safety matters to you?'

We'll be sharing what we think too.

Our SPSP is a unique national initiative that aims to improve the safety and reliability of healthcare and reduce harm, whenever care is delivered.

Last year, we marked SPSP's tenth anniversary. Now, we're looking ahead and continuing to speak up for safety.

To take part on 17 September:

  1. Download and print our statement card
  2. Write your statement
  3. Take a photo of you with your statement card
  4. Share on social media using the #WorldPatientSafetyDay and #SPSP hashtags, remembering to ask others to join in.

We'll be posting our photos about why safety matters to us on the ihub Twitter feed.

Get involved by downloading our statement card → 

To see what matters globally, visit the WHO's website