Understanding your current ways of working

Taking a little bit of time to gain a common understanding of your current ways of working can help prioritise the actions you will take first to implement Team Service Planning.

The service development team should consider:

  • Available data: What data to you currently have on demand, capacity and activity? How is data currently used to inform service planning?
  • Staff skills: What information do you have available to help you understand the current skill mix of the team?
  • Current planning processes: What are the current processes for job planning? Is the process the same for all team members? Are they the same in all sites that will implement Team Service Planning?  
  • Coordinating team capacity: Who coordinates capacity?  What happens when something unexpected happens like sick leave?
  • Workforce budget responsibility: Who has responsibility for the workforce budget? Does this have any impact on service delivery?
  • Staff satisfaction: What does staff feedback, such as iMatters, tell you about the service team?  Are there any issues that should be prioritised or be taken into account when implementing Team Service Planning?

After considering the current ways of working, identify any key issues that would need addressing while implementing Team Service Planning.