Next Steps

Think about

  1. what is important to you and what makes your life good
  2. where you would like to live and be supported
  3. what care and treatment you would like to receive, and any care and treatment that you would not like, and
  4. your affairs, finances and property.

Learn about

  1. information services
  2. services that can help and support you
  3. getting extra support from the people who matter to you
  4. treatment and care options
  5. legal and money matters
  6. a number of Anticipatory Care Planning documents that have been developed for use across Scotland and are available from your GP practice, and
  7. the My Anticipatory Care Plan "Let’s think ahead" App that is available for download free of charge from the App Store

Think about talking to

  1. people who are important to you such as family and friends
  2. people who are involved in your care such as your GP, nurses, social worker and therapists, and
  3. people who can help with your affairs such as an advocate, solicitor or voluntary organisation.

What to do with your Anticipatory Care Plan

  1. take it with you to your GP, nurse, hospital or other appointments, and
  2. it's a good idea to let people know you have an Anticipatory Care Plan.