Thinking Ahead

What matters to you?

It is important to think ahead about how you would like your life to look in the future and what you and others can do to help you. Having a plan in place well in advance can help. This may include such things as decisions about care, treatments and how you can manage your money. Doing this ensures that everyone involved in looking after you, including doctors, care workers and the people closest to you, take account of your wishes about your ongoing care.

No one knows when their health may change, and having a plan in place helps you to remain more in control. This is called an Anticipatory Care Plan. It is about thinking ahead.

Who matters to you?

Sharing your thoughts and talking to the people who matter to you can help to shape the right plan for you. Involving important people in your life makes sure that:

  1. you have a voice in your care at all times, and
  2. your family, friends and anyone you wish to share your plan with are aware of what is important to you.

Why does this matter to you?

By taking more control of your health and planning ahead:

  1. you can be better informed about your health and any medical conditions
  2. you can be better prepared for everyday challenges
  3. you can be better supported when needed, and
  4. you can manage your money and property.