Preparation and planning

Good Anticipatory Care Planning (ACP) conversations require preparation. This involves identifying who you will be having the ACP conversation with, then preparing yourself and the person for that conversation.

Identification of who might benefit from an ACP conversation

Almost everyone will benefit from an ACP conversation, however there are certain triggers or times in our lives when these discussions are especially important. This section outlines how you might focus on particular population groups.

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Preparing yourself for an ACP conversation

Good ACP conversations are supported by confident staff who are appropriately skilled. This section explains how you can prepare yourself in advance of the conversation.

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Preparing the person who you will be having this conversation with

Whilst we may identify that someone might benefit from an ACP conversation, it doesn’t mean that they will be ready for it, or even want it. It is important to think carefully about how this topic will be broached, so that the person is as prepared as possible for the conversation. Public-facing information is available which explains ACP. It is important to take a person-centred approach and to observe and follow their cues.

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Get in touch

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