Achieving success is great but it is important to plan for sustaining that success.

In order to sustain care navigation in your GP practice it is important you identify team members who are responsible for reviewing, testing and updating the framework, service provider information and resources that will help you. Care navigation is an ongoing process that requires keeping in contact with colleagues: both internal to the GP practice and external community colleagues.

Hear more from our PASC phase 1 team on the success of care navigation in their GP practice.



Our PASC phase 1 teams have provided a number of top tips to help you sustain success.

Top tips

  1. Consider and plan for the ongoing educational needs of existing and new GP practice staff.
  2. Identify staff responsibilities for keeping the framework, service provider information, resources and tools up to date.
  3. Sample data to check that the improvement is sustained, and continue to check for any adverse events – don’t stop collecting data once your patients are attending appointments with other services.
  4. Continue to measure staff satisfaction on the new ways of working.
  5. Celebrate success and the difference it has made to individuals, teams and patients.

Further tips have been provided by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI).

Downloadable Resource - IHI tips