Health and Social Care Learning in Scotland 

Explore ideas, insights and examples of positive emerging practice from across health and social care in Scotland.

Health and social care services across Scotland have been rapidly adapting in order to mitigate the challenges presented by COVID-19. Shaped by new partnerships and collaborations, a different approach to risk and a need to be responsive, emerging practice has led, in many cases, to improved outcomes for people in Scotland. 

As well as seeking to share and spread this good practice, we're also looking at where services have mitigated any unintended negative consequences from the recent rapid changes, and reducing health inequalities.

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We are focussing on these interdependent areas below:

Applying strategic planning and commissioning guidance

Read how strategic planning and commissioning guidance can be applied as part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Community-led care

Read how community organisations have developed new ways to provide health, care and wellbeing support in the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Supporting people’s needs during COVID-19

Read how organisations from across health, care and housing have developed new initiatives to meet the needs of people in vulnerable situations during COVID-19.

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Insights from publications

Each week, we look at the latest reports, articles and other published literature about emerging practice in the health and social care system.

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Summary report of Health and Social Care learning system during COVID-19

In this overview, we summarise of some of the key learning about what enabled good practice during the pandemic.

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