Applying strategic planning and commissioning guidance

Here we share how strategic planning and commissioning guidance can be applied as part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Below you'll find insight studies and resources. 

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What’s next? Planning for the future in a changed world
How a robust strategy is vital for HSCPs in overcoming the challenges and maximising any opportunities arising from how we’ve dealt with COVID-19.

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Identifying and supporting vulnerable children and young people (PDF)
How Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership responded to the needs of potentially vulnerable young people.

"These were the children and young people I was most concerned about their mental health, safety and family wellbeing. I wanted to ensure we responded across sectors to protect families."
Graeme Simpson, Chief Social Work Officer, Aberdeen City Community Planning Partnership

Delivering medical samples and specimens by unmanned drones (PDF)
How Argyll and Bute Health and Social Care Partnership is responding to the challenges of COVID-19 by using drones to deliver medical samples and specimens.

"Drones could transform the speed with which doctors can get results of diagnostic tests and improve treatment decisions for patients across rural communities."
Stephen Whiston, Head of Strategic Planning and Performance, Argyll and Bute Health and Social Care Partnership

The Safe Zone (PDF)
How Dundee City Health and Social Care Partnership created a Community Outreach response for vulnerable groups, using available resources.

"It's been amazing how quickly multiple agencies got together to develop this service to support the most vulnerable in our communities."
Neill Sneddon, Integrated Manager, Dundee HSCP

Redesigned vital services by using NHS Near Me (PDF)
How Dundee City Health and Social Care Partnership redesigned vital services by using NHS Near Me and a collaborative approach, to meet the needs of the young people who use their service called The Corner.

"Online interviews, one to one and counselling have the same warmth and inclusion of face to face and the video platform is easy to understand."
Rose, 18 years old (young person who uses The Corner services)

Data rationalisation (PDF)
How East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership developed data visualisation of capabilities to support decision making in real time for care at home.

"Using a coaching approach from both Healthcare Improvement Scotland and the programme developer allowed us to focus on capabilities rather than capacity" 
Kevin Beveridge, Commissioning and Planning Manager, East Renfrewshire HSCP

Planning for PPE in social care (PDF)
How Angus Health and Social Care Partnership developed new collaborative relationships with social care providers to ensure personal protection equipment (PPE) supply.

"We needed to ensure there was a system in place which would ensure that providers and carers received a quick and responsive service. Thanks to the processes put in place by the administration officers and their approachability, we managed to ensure that providers and carers received, and continue to receive, the additional stocks of PPE which they were unable to source."
Pauline Reid, Senior Planning Officer, Angus HSCP

Commissioning Learning Disability Services (PDF)
How NHS Highland created flexible conditions to support providers to give the right support at the right time for people with learning disabilities in the Highlands.

"decision making about care required is flexible and taken directly between the provider and the individual"
Arlene Johnstone, Head of Service, NHS Highland

Strategic Planning and Commissioning HSC learning system COVID 19 response

This document describes moving from crisis response to the COVID-19 pandemic through to a recovery period and the role strategic planning and commissioning can play in this.

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