Community-led care

Here we share how community organisations have developed new ways to provide health, care and wellbeing support in the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Below you'll find insight studies and learning resources.

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Creating the conditions for a more flexible social care approach (PDF)
How the Self Directed Support Forum East Renfrewshire community organisation worked in partnership with social workers to develop understanding and flexibility to meet new needs for individuals and their families.

"We value partnership working highly as we know it delivers good outcomes for our members and that remains our focus."
Noleen Harte, Manager, SDS Forum East Renfrewshire

Supporting online connections community group (PDF)
How the Learning Disability Group of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, a community group, built capacity across its membership to stay connected online during COVID-19. In partnership with Grampian Opportunities and AMS Homemaker Services.

"This was a good example of what we can achieve when working together to do things differently."
William Rae, Chairperson, Learning Disability Group of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Enabling creativity and flexible use of personal budgets (PDF)
How Community Contacts, a third sector organisation in Argyll and Bute, worked in collaboration with social workers to meet the needs of people with personal budgets during COVID-19.

"Creativity is supporting mental health and wellbeing during lockdown for individuals, their families and for staff."
Becs Barker, Operations Manager, Community Contacts

Building a city wide support network (PDF)
How Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations Council, a community umbrella body, worked with local organisations and statutory bodies to form a city wide network identifying need and supporting the health and wellbeing of communities.

"This partnership brings together the capacity, skills, knowledge, experience and trust within our communities to respond to this crisis."
Ella Simpson, Chief Executive, Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations Council

The role of cycling to support the community during COVID-19 (PDF)
How the Bike for Good community organisation in Glasgow used their fleet of bikes, their volunteer networks and well established community links to meet new needs from shielding and isolation within a community.

"It has been a challenge but our staff and volunteers already have such great relationships with the community that it was easy to leap into action … to support health and wellbeing."
Victoria Leiper, Head of Projects, Bike for Good

Developing a volunteer response to support homecare provision (PDF)
How Highland Hospice, a third sector provider in the Highlands, created increased capacity in local homecare provision through the development of a formal volunteer led service.

"... a key aim is to achieve greater integration of community and volunteer resources to support the health and social care system."
Kenny Steele, Chief Executive, Highland Hospice

From social meet ups to social distancing: how women are being supported to stay connected (PDF)
How the Women of Willowbrae community group in Edinburgh took a creative approach to supporting their neighbourhood and maintaining connections during COVID-19.

"Moving from being a social group to a community action group supporting mental health and wellbeing has been really positive for lots of people locally."
Rachel King, Coordinator, Women of Willowbrae

A neighbourhood approach to community wellbeing (PDF)
How Kinning Park Complex in Glasgow took a proactive outreach approach with the local community to support mental health and wellbeing during COVID-19.

"as an organisation we have been more proactive and the success of this is key learning for us."
Martin Avila, Director, Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow

Supporting employers of Personal Assistants (PDF)
How Community Brokerage Network in East Ayrshire worked with a health and social care partnership to ensure people who employ personal assistants have the support and equipment they need during COVID 19.

"… a quality and consistent service will be provided throughout the COVID-19 period."
Anne Marie Monaghan, Community Brokerage Network, East Ayrshire

Developing a community led prescription service (PDF)
How Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn in the Western Isles worked with local GP practices to ensure that people living in rural Scotland were able to get their prescriptions during lockdown. 

"... being led by a community organisation has been key to enable the development of this service." 
Lisa MacLean, Chief Executive, Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn community owned estate