Gathering evidence on how people's health and care needs are being met during COVID-19

Health, care and housing have developed new initiatives to find out about and meet the health and wellbeing needs of people in vulnerable situations during COVID-19.

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From crisis response to a new reality: Supporting the needs of people experiencing homelessness during and beyond COVID-19
How collaboration, coordination and information sharing can lead to improved access to services for people experiencing homelessness.

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Thinking innovatively to support people with hearing loss during COVID-19 (PDF)
How the Sensory Impaired Support Group in Ayrshire developed sensory helps packs to reduce social isolation and loneliness during COVID-19.

“I am delighted and overwhelmed by the positive response we have received from both our clients and local authority staff from this practical response to COVID-19 and beyond”.
Denise McClung, Project Manager, Sensory Impaired Support Group, Ayrshire

Centrestage supporting local communities (PDF) 
How a Kilmarnock arts and theatre group responded to support its communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“What we recognised really early doors is the willingness of other partners and agencies to mobilise together…we’ve always worked with others, but you just saw a real energy of people wanting to come together and work to support communities.”
Andrew Swanson, Organisational Development, Centrestage

Translating NHS 24 COVID-19 information to languages other than English (PDF)
How NHS 24 worked with other health providers and community groups to improve access to COVID-19 information for people with communication differences.

"We recognised there wasn’t any point in having translations without effective community engagement."
Davie Morrison, Participation and Equalities Manager, NHS 24

Engaging differently and the emerging need (PDF)
How ALLIANCE Community Links Practitioners working in deprived areas of Glasgow are engaging differently during COVID-19.

"People's needs aren't necessarily new, a lot of the need is pre-existing but more acute now."
Frankie Rose, Community Links Practitioner, the ALLIANCE, Govanhill

Homelessness and COVID-19: an overview of equality considerations (PDF)
How Homeless Network Scotland used an equality impact framework to address the disproportionate risk and impact of COVID-19 amongst vulnerable communities.

"The risk of homelessness, and the COVID-19 pandemic, is not distributed equally. Combined, the potential impact on people affected by homelessness was concerning and so we needed to set out clearly how to mitigate worst impacts."
Maggie Brunjes, Chief Executive, Homeless Network Scotland

Using NHS Near Me to provide health services to people experiencing homelessness (PDF)
How NHS Lothian's Edinburgh Access Practice used the NHS Near Me video consulting service to provide health services to people experiencing homelessness during COVID-19.

"For very little cost we can create a high health and wellbeing gain opportunity for a large number of our most vulnerable citizens"
Doneil Macleod, Practice Mental Health Nurse, Edinburgh Access Practice

Gathering intelligence on unmet need (PDF)
How Cernach Housing Association in Drumchapel used trusted relationships to meet unmet need during COVID-19.

"In order to succeed you must be trusted by the community this is fundamental."
Ted Scanlon, Community Connector, Cernach Housing Association

Housing associations using their status as community anchors (PDF)
How Govan Housing Association, Linthouse Housing Association and Elderpark Housing Association used their status as community anchors to address need during COVID-19.

"It's been a complete revelation in terms of urgency and the need to turn things around quickly to get money to targeted needs."
Fiona Dickson, Glasgow City Council