Frequently asked questions

This section contains the most frequently asked questions by teams starting to develop a service. If the question you are looking for does not appear in this list, please consider posting your question in the Hospital at Home MS Teams community, which has nearly 400 members who may be able to help.

  • What is the definition of Hospital at Home?
  • What does 'consultant led' mean?
  • Does a Hospital at Home service need to be 24hrs?
  • What equipment is needed to start a service?
  • What is the evidence for Hospital at Home?
  • Is Hospital at Home an acute or a community service?
  • What is the expected time commitment?
  • How important is it for Hospital at Home to link with primary care?
  • What does a Hospital at Home caseload/ward look like?
  • Where can I find examples of existing services and protocols?
  • Who does the Hospital at Home team comprise of?
  • Is there a link between population numbers, geography and size of Hospital at Home team?
  • How can I demonstrate that Hospital at Home is a viable sustainable option?
  • What impact does Hospital at Home have on care at home services?