Information summary - Accommodation

All Hospital at Home (H@H) services in Scotland operate in a unique way, while following the key elements laid out in the Guiding Principles document 

For a better understanding of what this means for the different services, we have pulled together the relevant information about accommodation. The data are taken from the information sheets that were provided by the services, originally in October 2022.  

The information in this document was accurate at the time of publication but as services evolve, the information will change. This document will be reviewed and updated annually.  


Does the team have permanent accommodation?

Aberdeen City, Glasgow City, Forth Valley, Lanarkshire, Lothian and Western Isles


Dundee City

Yes, but finding appropriate accommodation for one of the locality teams has been challenging.


Yes, we have permanent accommodation. We moved a couple of years ago as the old accommodation was used to open a COVID ward, before finding the new accommodation there was about eight months without a permanent base for one of the teams. All teams now have their own permanent facilities.


No, this is in development.

Perth and Kinross

Current accommodation is temporary. Actively looking for a permanent alternative.

What have you found to be the most important or useful elements of your H@H base? 

 Aberdeen City 

  • Kettle 
  • Designated areas such as the huddle room, staff room, storage and quiet area. 
  • Store for own OT and physiotherapy equipment. 

Dundee City 

  • Co-location with the broader team. 

Glasgow City 

  • In Borron Street – open 7 days a week. 
  • Challenges for space for MDT meetings and access to Wi-Fi within agile working environment. This is in progress. 
  • Team getting together as a new team and establishing relationships and working practices. 
  • Parking available. 
  • Have a satellite hub at Victoria Hospital, has issues with parking, we are negotiating options. 


  • Communication 
  • Can provide feedback to each other and get incidental learning 
  • Can do formal hand overs and meetings 
  • Provide general support to each other, and 
  • Easy to confirm who is doing what. More effective management. 

Forth Valley 

  • Based in Falkirk Community Hospital. There are lots of chargers for electric vehicles in Falkirk but not in Larbert. 
  • There is plenty of space and parking. 
  • If we are on the acute site we can access labs straight away. After a visit we have to go to the hospital to hand in samples, or get them picked up which can cause a delay. 


We do not currently have a base which is very challenging. Co-location of clinicians would aid communication and logistics. We hope to have an office by Christmas 2022. 


Ample space for staff including space for storage of equipment and clinical supplies. Reserved parking near to the base. Base on ground level/close proximity to car park if possible.  

Perth and Kinross 

  • Onsite parking, central location and some storage for clinical equipment. 



  • Adequate space with a mixture of small office space and large meeting areas.  
  • Access to some hospital services such as x-ray 
  • Access to clinical areas to see patients at our base and to provide therapies like IV iron, and 
  • Collaborative working. 


Adequate space to provide a base for the team, store and charge equipment and host meetings including our twice weekly ward rounds. We work closely with Liberton Day Hospital and patients can attend here for x-rays or interventions (such as blood transfusions or IV iron). It is important to have a base to meet as a team and host our regular team meetings, including QI work. 

West Lothian 

  • Close collaboration with other services 
  • Based on acute hospital site with good access to diagnostics and specialist advice, and 
  • Co-location with Clinic, D2A, rehab. 

East Lothian

Easy access to cardiology investigation, radiology and pharmacy which are used frequently for patients. Close contact with other community teams for ease of discussion and referrals to services. Larger meeting room access. Access to suites for IVs, infusions and transfusions. Store cupboard and treatment room. Central location within catchment area to allow equity of service provision for all patients regardless of geographical area. 

Western Isles 

  • Have a space to assess patients in the hospital 
  • Close to other areas to link with teams, and 
  • Can use the space to separate out the admin and clinical discussions to be able to focus on own roles.