Information summary - governance

All Hospital at Home (H@H) services in Scotland operate in a unique way, while following the key elements laid out in the Guiding Principles document 

For a better understanding of what this means for the different services, we have pulled together the relevant information about governance. The data are taken from the information sheets that were provided by the services, originally in October 2022.  

The information in this document was accurate at the time of publication but as services evolve, the information will change. This document will be reviewed and updated annually.  


Where does H@H sit within local governance structures?

Aberdeen City

Sits within Aberdeen Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP). 

Dundee City

Sits within Dundee HSCP Governance structures as part of broader Urgent Care Services. The integrated manager feeds into the primary governance group which in turn feeds into Dundee HSCP and NHS Tayside governance. 

Glasgow City

  • Operational Group oversees the service. 
  • Service management as component of established service management structure. 
  • Reports are sent into the Partnership Delivery Group. 
  • Reports are sent into board-wide Recovery Tactical and Executive Groups. 


H@H is part of the community. Report into the clinical and care governance group, all data goes to this group.  

KPIs reported to the overarching group monthly. 

Forth Valley

It sits within acute, emergency and inpatient.  


  • Hospital without Walls sits under our Home First strategic aim. This is monitored by the Home First programme team who regularly report to Senior Management Team, Strategic Planning and Commission Group and Integrated Joint Board. 
  • Primary care clinical governance structures that are in place are used. 


North Partnership Support Care & Clinical Governance. 

Perth and Kinross

It reports via the Locality Governance Group into the HSCP Governance meeting. The newly appointed Service Manager Urgent Care will be reviewing the governance framework to support the ongoing service development. 


H@H Teams conduct their own local governance meetings. 

We have the H@H Oversight Meeting which reports into the Unscheduled Care Tactical Committee and Unscheduled Care Programme Board. 

Western Isles

H@H is designated as a ward in the same way as all the other inpatient wards. The service reports to the nurse lead for Secondary Care and also informally to the nursing and medical directors. 


Has the board/HSCP committed to recurring funding/resource to the service

Aberdeen City, Dundee City, Lanarkshire and Perth and Kinross


Glasgow City 

Funding for a test of change. 


The service receives full recurring funding for all staff. Scottish Government funding is used to test changes to demonstrate viability. 

Forth Valley 

Not recurring at the moment. All staff have been employed permanently.




There is recurrent funding however the additional funding received from the Scottish Government to expand services is non-recurring and recurring funding source is not in place and therefore a high risk. 

East Lothian 

No increase in baseline funding since Healthcare Improvement Scotland rapid step-up programme launched 2021. 

Western Isles 

  • Yes  
  • Committed to the senior coordinator role, Band 5/6 nurse posts and health and social care worker roles.