Implementing changes

While the use of PDSA cycles was integral to initially implementing changes, collaborative teams highlighted the need to continue PDSA cycles to make the change a routine and integral part of the system. One collaborative team at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (PDF) found that further improvement work was required, as initial improvements weren’t sustained (PDF).

Sustaining Success

Achieving success is great but it is important to plan for sustaining that success.

Full implementation of your improvement work may require developing written policies, training procedures and internal governance mechanisms.

In order to sustain changes to your practice/processes, it is important you identify team members who are responsible for reviewing, testing and updating the new way of working.

Top tips on sustaining success:

1. Consider and plan for the ongoing educational needs of existing and new staff.

2. Collect data samples regularly to check that the improvement is sustained, and continue to check for any adverse events.

3. Continue to measure staff and patient satisfaction on the new ways of working.

4. Celebrate success and the difference it has made to individuals, teams and patients.

For more information about sustaining success, see the Guide to Spread and Sustainability.