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Leading quality improvement is complex and challenging. It requires a broad range of skills and behaviours to bring about the big changes required. Sometimes we need to re-lookat something very familiar with fresh eyes. Looking outside of our normal sphere of experience and activity can give a new perspective to the task. As Quality Improvement Leaders there is much we can learn from children about creativity, motivation, communication and resilience. This online resource sets out 7 simple lessons that we can learn from children to support successful quality improvement leadership. It is primarily aimed at those new to leading quality improvement initiatives but will also challenge more experienced leaders to take a fresh look at the skills and behaviours required to enable and facilitate improvement.

This resource was based on a series of articles by Steven Wilson (Senior Programme Manager, Healthcare Improvement Scotland) published in the British Journal of Healthcare Management. Gail Nash (Practice Education Lead, NHS Lothian) and Claire Ross (Allied Health Professions Practice Education Lead, NHS Lothian) brought their extensive clinical and educational knowledge to the project and together we developed this online resource to help staff identify and learn the skills and behaviours required to support successful quality improvement leadership.

One study measured the creativity of 5 year olds at 95%." Ready to Lead, 2017

Professor Jason Leitch - National Clinical Director, Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorate


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