Lesson 4 - Resilience

‘Just keep banging until someone opens the door’

4 Quality Improvement Skills: perseverance, persistence, resilience

If at first they don’t succeed, children will keep trying until they get the desired result. From learning to tie their shoes to figuring out a math’s equation, children will doggedly keep trying until they get it done. They don’t dwell on the past or obsess about what did happen, they move on and up from any setback.

The road to quality improvement can be long and winding. Setbacks are a normal, if difficult, part of the process. Successful QI Leaders understand that translating their vision into reality requires perseverance and resilience. Setbacks should be viewed as opportunities to learn, adapt and progress for the future. QI Leaders have a key role in helping their teams to work through improvement setbacks, and to view their implementation issues in a different or more constructive way. Learning from and building on previous setbacks is particularly important when attempting to spread a successful intervention to a different setting. The lessons learned from these setbacks very frequently inform future success.

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