Lesson 7 - Celebrating success

'Tomorrow we can eat broccoli, today is for ice cream’

Quality Improvement Skills: have fun and celebrate success

Kids live in the moment, they don’t do delayed gratification. When something goes well they enjoy it and want to share their success with everyone.

It’s good to celebrate. Celebrating our successes builds morale, empowers staff and helps create a strong quality improvement culture. We’re often too busy with planning the next stage of the project to stop and recognise the hard work and achievements that have been accomplished. Some people view this as unnecessary cheerleading and will try to play down its importance but we should not underestimate the motivational impact and value of celebrating success.

A celebration can give closure on the milestones you’ve been working toward and provide the encouragement to see the project through. If celebration, recognition and appreciation are going to be motivating then they shouldn’t be saved till the end of the project. Celebrate early and celebrate often to reward those involved and maintain the momentum.

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