Background to the work

In 2016, 21 Safety Principles in Mental Health were developed.

They were one of many resources intended to share best practice from around Scotland, the UK and internationally.

From early scoping work in 2016, when the programme started to look at expanding from Adult In-patient Services, it was apparent that the Safety Principles could be used in new areas, such as; CAMHS, Perinatal Mental Health, Learning and Intellectual Disabilities, and Older People’s Services.

To avoid creating new Safety Principles for each area, important aspects of the original 21 Safety Principles have been condensed into a more manageable format. These are; promote psychological safety; link senior managers to front line staff; involve patients and promote best practice.

The four new Safety Principles have been combined with processes and interactions devised by other organisations which the programme supports such as the Triangle of Care, Broset Violence Checklist, Rights in Mind Pathway and Advance Statements.