Case study - Patient Safety Climate Tool

We facilitated development of the PSCT with Voices of eXperience and Support in Mind Scotland, based on the views and experiences of service users, carers and staff.

The Patient Safety Climate Tool gives patients the chance to express their feelings and concerns about their safety while on a ward. This information allows services to make any improvements needed, resulting in a better patient experience of hospital care." Gordon Johnston, Public Partner Healthcare Improvement Scotland

The PSCT ensures service users and carers are at the centre of their own care, are able to highlight areas of positive care and where care requires improvement. It also provides a structure so that service users’ experiences can be recorded and used to bring about improvements for themselves and others.

The PSCT is designed to ask about environmental, relational, medical and personal safety. It is a Scottish innovation that is leading the way in person-centred safe delivery of care.

There have been over 800 facilitated Patient Safety Climate Tool surveys completed and over 3,000 staff climate surveys have been undertaken. There are a number of references in NHS boards to suggest the programme has influenced attitude and cultural change, including the approach taken to the prescribing and administration practice of psychotropic as required medication, how restraint is viewed and how challenging behaviour is managed, as well as positive comments about staff and their ability to deconstruct and help explain and offer support in order to interpret difficult situations.

In 2017-18 we undertook a review of the PSCT with service users, carers, NHS boards and 3rd sector partners. The revised PSCT and guidance, which supports the facilitation of the PSCT, was tested and shared with NHS boards.

An ongoing area of work is to deliver an updated PSCT with revisions for different clinical areas such as CAMHS, Older Adults as well as a more accessible version.