Welcome to the Dementia in Hospitals Improvement Toolkit

The purpose of this toolkit is to inform improvement work in inpatient and residential settings which support people with dementia. The toolkit is for staff who work in or manage the service.

We developed this toolkit as part of the Specialist Dementia Unit Improvement Programme. We aim to continue to develop it to inform our Dementia in Hospitals Collaborative. Much of this improvement work took place before the COVID-19 pandemic and we have reviewed the content to ensure it continues to be relevant. The impact report for the Specialist Dementia Unit Improvement Programme can be found here and although the focus of the toolkit is hospital settings, its content can be transferable to care homes. The toolkit forms part of a broader Focus on Dementia learning system which includes the Dementia in Hospitals Collaborative, webinars, staff networks, newsletters and other outputs such as tools and evaluation reports.

The Quality Improvement Journey shows the stages of an improvement initiative or project. In reality, the journey is unlikely to be linear and improvement teams will move back as well as forward, and will likely need to work on different aspects at the same time and throughout the project. The graphic has been used throughout the toolkit to demonstrate how each aspect of the Specialist Dementia Unit Improvement Programme aligns with the Improvement Journey.


Do you have examples to share?

Do you have examples of practice to share? We would love to hear from you, so we can continually refine and improve this toolkit. Please email us at his.dementiainhospitals@nhs.scot 


Our toolkit is split into three sections