Weekly huddles

Value management has made us look at how we function as a team. It's made all of us work towards the same goal. There’s a bit more peer support, a bit more banter." Team member, NHS Highland

Run your huddle effectively 

If you are already familiar with Value Management weekly huddles, access a range of resources to support you to run your huddle effectively. 


What is a huddle and why is it important?

The weekly team huddle is a 15 minute communication technique to proactively manage quality within teams using the visual management board. The huddle provides an opportunity to update team members about current improvement work and discuss information contained within the visual management board. 

The huddle should engage the core Value Management team and the extended support team. There should be representation from across the system including, for example, managers, improvement advisors, finance colleagues and multidisciplinary team members.

The huddle shares:

  • what has been tested
  • what has been learned
  • celebrations for the improvement work, and
  • planned next steps.

Weekly 15 minute huddles offer an opportunity for: 

  • staff to provide updates on ongoing work
  • teams/managers to ensure that key measures remain within “control” limits and that changes being made to the system are leading to improvement, and
  • staff and managers to (briefly) discuss and generate potential solutions to operational barriers (for example, flow problems).