Now that you are testing your protocol and practice procedures, it is important to build on the data you collected before you implemented the change (baseline data) so that you know that any changes you have made have resulted in an improvement.

The measures developed by PASC phase 1 teams may help you when considering these elements:

Downloadable Resource: PASC Workflow Optimisation Measure 1 (outcome)

Downloadable Resource: PASC Workflow Optimisation Measure 2 (process measure)


Ways to measure

There are different ways to measure this in your practice:

1. Manual measurement - how many documents are received into the practice and what goes where?

2. Use of existing IT document management systems; for example Docman or Vision.

Downloadable Resource: Updating Docman Reporting Spreadsheet

Downloadable Resource: Setting Up and Importing Vision Guidelines


Collect regular and consistent data

Whatever system you adopt, it is important to try and collect regular and consistent data over time.

The following template can assist with data collection in your practice:

Downloadable Resource: Workflow Optimisation Data Collection Worksheet

It is important to continue to sample data for potential adverse events. The data template includes a section on how this can be done.


Share and discuss your data

Finally, the most important thing is to share and discuss your data with your practice team so all are involved and know what is working and what is not.

PASC phase 1 teams used a “digging deeper” resource to review and discuss their progress.

Downloadable Resource: Digging Deeper