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  1. Who We Are

    Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s Improvement Hub, supports health and social care organisations to redesign and continuously improve services.

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  2. Bespoke Support Services

    The ihub’s Bespoke Support Services work in partnership with national and local health and social care organisations to provide strategic commissioning improvement support.

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  3. Our Teams

    The ihub team - bringing together expertise, knowledge and best practice.

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  4. Our Delivery Partners

    Supporting those delivering health and social care across Scotland, including Health and Social Care Partnerships, Local Authorities, NHS Boards, third and independent care sector organisations, and housing organisations.

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  5. Empowering Improvement

    Working with health and social care providers to design and deliver better services for people in Scotland.

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  6. Networks, Knowledge Exchange and Training

    The ihub's improvement networks support individuals to work together on common improvement challenges.

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  7. Being part of HIS and Careers

    Jobs information, vacancies and careers with the Improvement Hub (ihub) and Healthcare Improvement Scotland.

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  8. Safety Principles

    Safety Principles in Mental Health were developed in 2016 for Adult in-patient units. They have now been updated and there are 4 principles that can be applied to new areas of mental health care such as CAMHS, Perinatal Mental Health, Learning and Intellectual Disabilities, and Older People’s Services. Part of the Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP)

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  9. From Observation to Intervention

    A proactive, responsive and personalised care and treatment framework for acutely unwell people in mental health care.

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  10. Quality Improvement for NHS Board members

    To support Board members (executive and non-executive directors) by enhancing their individual and collective abilities to create an environment where QI can flourish.

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