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There’s always room for improvement

The Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP) is a unique national initiative that aims to improve the safety and reliability of healthcare and reduce harm, whenever care is delivered. From an initial focus on acute hospitals, our work now includes safety improvement programmes for the following areas:

Acute Adult

Improving reliable care delivery, communication and care planning.

Maternity and Children

Improving outcomes for babies, children and their mothers.


Taking a whole system approach to the safer use of medicines.

Mental Health

Improving risk assessment and safety planning.

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Primary Care

Improving safety in the community and across the interface.

Why Safety Matters



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" In international perspective, Scotland has set the benchmark in recent years for complete and capable systemic approaches to health care improvement at large scale. Its ambition, constancy, and (in many well document respects) results in improving the safety and quality of care at a national level are second to none. Improvement is a continual journey - new challenges will always arise - but Scotland’s track record and history of leadership commitment gives me confidence that it is and will remain a model for others. "

Don Berwick   |   former President and Chief Executive of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement