Improving care for people in Scotland - Conference 2016 - Tuesday 29 November 2016, Edinburgh International Conference Centre


Thank you to all who attended the annual SPSP National Safety Conference held on the 29th November 2016 at the EICC in Edinburgh.

Building on previous years the conference brought together the SPSP programmes to celebrate the continuing improvements being made and enable delegates to learn from their colleagues across Scotland and beyond. Over the coming days resources will be added here, including presentations, pictures and videos as can be seen below

By attending the conference delegates were able to:

celebrate success that teams have achieved in reducing harm in health and social care services across Scotland and beyond
share practical approaches to prevent deterioration and improve outcomes,  and
network with delegates to learn from their experiences of an integrated approach to prevention, recognition and response to deterioration.

Conference Report

Short report (PDF) on the highlights from the day.

Videos of the sessions

Pedro Delgado Opening Plenary - Improving care for people in Scotland - Conference 2016


Jo Matthews - Improving care for people in Scotland - Conference 2016


Emmanuel Gobillot - Improving care for people in Scotland - Conference 2016


Shona Robson MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Sport - Improving care for people in Scotland - Conference 2016


Panel Debate 3 - Improving care for people in Scotland - Conference 2016

Pedro Delgado, Opening Plenary

Download presentation (PDF)

Joanne Matthews, Head of Safety, Scottish Patient Safety Programme

Download presentation (PDF)

Emmanuel Gobillot, Whole person care is a whole system concern

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Can we really learn from the past?

Can we really learn from the past? with Claire Sweeney, Jenny Long, Helen Munro, Manoj Kumar, Craig White, Rami Okasha, Joanna Swanson, Niki Maclean, Jo Thomson, Mags Baird and Anna Wimberley

Download presentation (PDF)

Innovative improvement

Innovative Improvement with Brian Robson, Susan Moug, Jennifer Edwards, Joy Reid, Lisa Clark, Suzanne Urquart, Stuart Ritchie, Fraser Waterson

Download presentation (PDF)

System enablers - practical aspects

System enablers - practical aspects with Lesley Anne Smith, Anne Mackinnon, Jenny Boyd, Donald Morrison, Wendy Nimmo, Susan Duffy and Ken MacDonald

Download presentation (PDF)

System enablers - people aspects

System enablers - people aspects with Robbie Pearson, Russell Allan, Jane Cheeseman, Nicola Watt, Calum McGregor

Download presentation (PDF)

Wherever care is delivered

Wherever care is delivered with Jason Leitch, Emma McGauchie, Diane Campbell, Jane Murkin, Samira Bell, Bill Bartlet and Andy Cruickshank

Download presentation (PDF)

Involving Patients and Carers

Involving Patients and Carers with Gordon Johnston, Donna MacDonald, Louise Black and Karen Martin

Download presentation (PDF)

MCQIC Maternity and Neonatal

MCQIC Maternity and Neonatal with John Froggat, Maureen McSherry, Clare Willocks, Ewen Johnston and Caroline Pound

Download presentation (PDF)

MCQIC Paediatrics

MCQIC Paediatrics session with George Youngson, Neil Spenceley (see seperate file), Drew McDonald and Jennifer Rodgers

Download presentation (PDF)


Medicines session with David Maxwell, Ross Cheape, Yogini Jani, Aravindan Veiraiah, Alister Maclaren and Linda Patterson

Download presentation (PDF)

Healthcare Associated Infections

HAI Session with Shaun Maher, Kathryn Brechin, Christina Coulombe, Norma Beveridge, Catherine Stokoe, Diane Stark, Helen Call, Katy Currie and Peter Campbell

Download presentation (PDF)

Mental Health

Mental Health Pecha Kucha Session

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Primary Care

Primary Care world cafes

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Acute Adult

Acute Adult open café

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Integrating Safety Across Scotland: Compassion, Connection, Community - Conference 2015

Our Integrating Safety Across Scotland conference was held on the 9 November 2015 at the EICC and was the second time we brought all the SPSP teams together.

The aim of the event was to bring together a community to share learning and help drive safer care across Scotland.

By attending the conference delegates had the opportunity to:
Gain an understanding of the integral role that compassion plays in the delivery of safer person centred care.
Connect with individuals and organisations to share experience and learning 
Increase awareness of the wider community that will help you and your team deliver safer care.

View all the pictures, presentations and other resources

Driving improvement in Patient Safety Conference 2014

On the 11-12 November, we held a national conference 'Driving Improvements in Patient Safety'. This was the first time that we've brought together teams from every NHS board in Scotland across all four safety programmes and was attended by 862 delegates. As well as attendees from across Scotland, we were also joined by representatives from England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Denmark, Norway, The Faroe Islands and the USA. It provided a unique opportunity to reflect on how far we've come on our safety journey in Scotland, as well as a forum for sharing ideas and learning on how we can do even better.

Read more about the conference