Primary Care

Patients receive care from a range of primary care professionals including GPs, community and district nurses, community pharmacy and dental practice teams, as well as colleagues in out-of-hours and care home settings.  We need to ensure that primary care is safe and that patients don’t fall through the gaps as they move across different parts of our health and social care system.

The aim of the Scottish Patient Safety Programme in Primary Care is to reduce the number of events which could cause avoidable harm from care delivered in any primary care setting.  In order to achieve that goal, we have developed a range of tools and resources to support those working within primary care to bring about a patient safety culture within their teams. (See below for more information) 

SPSP Primary Care programme - overview (YouTube, 8mins 56sec)

Safety Culture

Patient safety within primary care isn’t always as safe as you might think.

Safety across the interface

This safety across the interface workstream focuses on developing reliable systems for handling w...

Safer Medicines

This workstream focuses on the prescribing and monitoring of high risk medications

Sepsis Collaborative

Sepsis is a condition that affects all members of the population...

Pressure Ulcer Reduction

We are working to reduce pressure ulcers in care homes

Pharmacy in Primary Care

A collaborative aimed to improve the care of patients that are prescribed high risk medicines

Alternate Text

Dentistry in Primary Care

We are running an 18 month pilot improvement collaborative across dentistry in primary care settings

Flash reports


SPSP Primary Care - End of phase report (Published by Healthcare Improvement Scotland, August 2016)

Case studies (Published by Healthcare Improvement Scotland, May 2015)

Executive Report: a short update on the implementation of the Scottish Patient Safety Programme in Primary Care (Published by Healthcare Improvement Scotland, November 2014)

SPSP Primary Care - Overview (Published by Healthcare Improvement Scotland (March 2014)

Training Pack (Published by Healthcare Improvement Scotland, March 2013)

Collecting your bundle data can be done in a number of ways:

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Name Position
Jill Gillies Primary Care Portfolio Lead
Claire Mavin Improvement Advisor
Lindsay Wallace Associate Improvement Advisor
Xenia Dennison Associate Improvement Advisor
Amaia Ibanez de Opacua Associate Improvement Advisor
Catriona Macmillan Senior Project Officer
Andrew Clark Project Officer
Rebecca Boyd Project Officer
Rory Christie Project Officer
Catherine Banks Project Officer
Chris Hall Administrative Officer
Debra Kelly Administrative Officer