Dementia learning system updates

Title  Overview
Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) dementia guideline webinar Sharing the SIGN guideline on the assessment, diagnosis, care and support for people with dementia and their carers
Person-centred care planning for people with dementia in hospital webinar Sharing the learning to support improved practice in hospital care for people with dementia
The use of psychological models to understand staff wellbeing and team function webinar Dr Susan Ross and Dr Phil Smith (Consultant Clinical Psychologists, NHS Lanarkshire) discussed staff wellbeing and psychological safety
Supporting people with a learning disability and advancing dementia webinar Sharing new guidance to help support people with a learning disability and advancing dementia move to a care home 
Increasing knowledge to improve the uptake of Power of Attorney (PoA) webinar Sharing advice to better understand and support uptake of PoA
Herbert Protocol national launch webinar The launch of the Herbert Protocol in Scotland 
Person-centred planning and dementia workshop A sharing practice workshop
Person-centred care planning webinar Sharing learning to support person-centred planning and dementia
Dementia in hospitals and virtual visiting webinar Using technology to connect in-patients with family and friends
Dementia practitioners network event A pre-consultation exercise to develop Scotland's 4th National Dementia Strategy
Adults with Incapacity webinar A presentation by Dr Cesar Rodriguez


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